We went to Lake Harris Hideaway for lunch.  The weather was wonderful. 
Here is a list of boat captains and their passengers:

Dave Bohlinger Captain
Passengers:  Dave Bohlinger, Hubie and Debbie Porterfield, Dennis and Joy Hahn, Darcy and Lou White, Karen Keenan,

Ron Bruback Captain
Passengers:   Ron and Aggie Buback, Kate and Rich Bolle, Tom and Trish Kedrowski

Morris Mohler Captain
Passengers:  Morris and Karen Mohler, Ray and Geri Peasley, Roy and Peggy Wathen

Jim Miller Captain
Passengers:  Jim Miller, George and Gale Bagley

Bill Smith Captain
Passengers:  Bill and Shirley Smith, Kathy Walden, Kathy Dickinson, Barb Forman, Mary Ann Richert, Kim Stevens, Chad Gardner

Harry Salmon Captain
Passengers:  Harry Salmon, Shelly Moore, Daniel D Hillman, Walt and Lori Moore, Aidan and Quinlan.

Bob Thomas Captain
Passengers:  Bob Thomas, Barb Gallogly, Rose Otto,  Gordy Atchley. Rob and Linda McMasters

April 5, 2010