Welcome to our new residents, John and Sue Rajahn of 1 Lakeview Drive. We look forward to seeing you at the coming events.


NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS: Richard Brown, Betty Bryant, George Davidson, Mary Douglas, Loren Foote, Len Goode, Margaret Goode, Lloyd Hall, Andy Harash, Shirley Hassom, Nita Henefelt, Charlie Matias, Colly Mueller, Jim Nichols, Allan Reeves, Paul Valentino

NOVEMBER ANNIVERSARIES: Frank & Cheryl Bishop, Joe & Lucile Hurley, Harold & Charlotte Spence

FYI: Anyone interested in playing EUCHRE would be very welcome at the Clubhouse on Tuesday afternoons at 1 :00 P.M. for Ladies Euchre or on Wednesday mornings at 9 for Progressive Euchre. Please bring fifty cents for each session. If you haven't played for awhile don't worry about it - the game will come back to you. Each session usually takes two to two and a half hours. If you have any questions, please call Nancy Barcus at 787-0499.

Thank you to the LIBRARY volunteers who live here all year for keeping the library in such great shape all summer long. They are: Mary Douglas, Judy Laqualia, Doris Patterson, Jean Smith and Nancy Young.

Habitat for Humanity still needs your used postage stamps. Just cut them off the envelope and put them in the large envelope that is on the bulletin board at the Clubhouse marked "Stamps for Humanity".

                                                            Thanks, Betty Shaffer

Manager Vera Brown would like to thank everyone for all their kind wishes, telephone calls and prayers while she was ill.


November 2005

                   Every day we see more and more of our northern friends returning to
Lakeside Terrace. But, unfortunately we did not have a quorum for the
October Social Club meeting so committee chairs updated us on the various activities. The following items will be on the November agenda:

1) Disposal of copier: The copier was originally used for printing the Seagull and for making copies for our residents (individuals or committees). The Seagull is now printed off site. Since I have taken over the copier job - I have had two requests from residents to make a copy. We pay almost $200 for a service contract and most of the time there is a problem with the copier when I go to make copies. We would like to sell the copier and cancel the service contract. Individuals needing one or two copies can contact me. Committees needing flyers for events can also contact me and I will get the copies printed.

2) Money for "Come to the Islands" Entertainment: In past years we have allocated up to $2,000 for entertainment. The money being requested for this band will come out of the entertainment funds.

3) Lakeside Terrace Directory: The company that provided our directory cancelled our contract. The company that took over the contract could not supply us with a directory until March. Since we have had so many new residents move in it was decided at least for this year that the Social Club would develop and print the directory at a cost not to exceed $200. This would provide two printings of the directory - November and February. By having 2 printings this year we can hopefully get the most current information out to our residents. If you are new to Lakeside Terrace, we would appreciate you contacting me with your name, address, phone number and your home state. You can contact me at 728-8121 or leave the information in the Social Club box at the clubhouse.

4) Care Packages for Military: A resident has suggested that Lakeside Terrace send care packages to military personnel in Iraq. This is an excellent idea especially with the holidays just around the corner. Residents who know of service men and women serving in Iraq could provide the names and addresses. There are several ways we could proceed. One suggestion is to have 1 person a month to coordinate the process. That person would get a committee together to collect items and ship them. This will be an item for discussion at the November meeting.

Crime Prevention Presentation: Have you ever asked yourself "How can I protect myself and my home?" If so - come to the clubhouse on Saturday - November 12th at 8:30 for a program that will address your concerns. A retired law enforcement officer will be here to i address your concerns and questions - having seen the presentation before we highly recommend it. This is an important topic and one which all of us should attend. The coffee and donuts will be free.

Medicare Prescription Program: Information regarding this program is on the small table at the clubhouse. I copied information from the AARP website (in blue notebook) and also picked up brochures at Walgreens. Michele Lennon has arranged for a representative from SIDNE to come to our community to address your concerns and answer questions. This
program will be held November 8th at 12 noon at the clubhouse. There is a flyer included in this newsletter regarding this important date. This presentation may conflict with an activity already scheduled so I'm asking your understanding if we need to delay or postpone your activity.

We are trying to bring in speakers that will address the needs of our community. The Crime Prevention and the Medicare Prescription Program are presentations you, the residents, have asked us to provide for our community. The presenters are taking their time to come to our community to provide you with important information. Please show your support by attending both of these meetings.

Resignations: Sadly I have to report that our 50/50 lady (Evelyn) would like to retire from her duties. She's not sick or anything - she just needs a break. Can't imagine why - she's only been doing it for 6 years. Truthfully, I understand and luckily I was able to find a replacement. Pattie Voelker has graciously agreed to serve as our 50/50 lady. Thanks to Pattie for accepting the job. Evelyn, we all want to thank you for a job well done. Also, Bill & Janet Cutler are retiring after taking care of our Bingo Kitchen for many years. Thank you for providing us with goodies on bingo night. Veda Lemcke is taking over for them. Thanks to Veda for accepting the job.

Bulletin Board: The bulletin board has been reorganized. If you are looking for something and can't find it -keep looking - I promise it's there. I'd like to remind anyone who has an item or items for sale - please put the information on a 3 x 5 card and put the DATE on it.

Reminder: If you see someone in the park who you don't think belongs here, please notify the manager so he can take the necessary action. We have recently had people soliciting for local newspapers and there have been a couple of kids riding their bikes around who live nearby.

Hot Tub/Spa: We were hoping that we could report that the hot tub/spa was completed but unfortunately that's not the case. Murphy's Law has definitely applied to this project. Hopefully by the deadline for next month's Seagull we will have a closure to this ongoing tale.

FYI: The following has been a topic of conversation for at least a couple of years. After being approached by some residents it was decided to circulate a petition (see wording below) to ascertain if there is support for the change in the HOA Bylaws. If enough signatures are obtained then this item will be on the agenda for the annual meeting for a vote by the membership. By publicizing the fact that there is a petition being circulated, this gives residents time to discuss the matter and make an informed decision.


We, the undersigned, propose Article 4 Directors be amended. Change is noted by the underline (present wording) and italics (new wording).

4.1 Membership: The affairs of the corporation shall be managed by board of five (5) directors.  All directors shan be year round residents of the park. "Year Round Resident" shall mean a homeowner who resides in the park a minimum of ten (10) months in each calendar year. All directors may be part-time residents. Part-time shall mean a homeowner who resides in the park six (6) months in each calendar year.

This all seems like a lot of information but we are just trying to keep you informed.
Carole Kolbe, Social Club President                 Edd Kolbe, HOA Presiden


November 8th              Medicare Part D Prescription Program
                                     12:00 noon (Light Refreshments)

November 12th           Crime Prevention Program
                                     Coffee & Donuts provided at 8:30 a.m.
                                     Program to begin between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.

November 14th            Flu Shots starting at 9:00 a.m.

Presented by SHINE*
Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - 12 Noon
          Lakeside Terrace Clubhouse
Light Refreshments will be provided
Please bring a pencil or pen and your Medicare Booklet if available. Informational sheets will be passed out and discussed. Before the meeting on the 8th you need to:

1           Write down any questions that you now have.
2         It would also be helpful for our seniors to look through their new                        Medicare Booklets and send for copies of several of the programs                  listed in the back of the book for all Florida and Lake County.
3         Make a List of your medications, their name or generic name and the             drug company it comes from. That information can be found in the                   middle of your medicine bottle or container.
*SHlNE is a program sponsored by the State of Florida, Department of Elder Affairs. These people are volunteers who offer FREE Health Insurance Counseling for ELDERS. Anyone who is a Medicare beneficiary is eligible to use the program, as often as they need to. Betty Cunningham is our local volunteer. She has set up meetings at Continental, Lakes of Leesburg, The Leesburg Senior Center and many others to get the appropriate information out to our people

          Presented by Metro Crime Prevention
Saturday - November 12th - 8:30 a.m.
      Lakeside Terrace Clubhouse
     Coffee & Donuts Free
Courtesy of Hometown America

          All of us should be informed as to what we can do to protect ourselves and our homes
This program will provide answers to your questions and concerns. You always think  " It won't happen to me" but our residents have seen that it can happen to you. I would suggest bringing paper and pen to take notes

If at all possible please sign up at the clubhouse for these programs. We don't need exact number but would like some of idea of how many will be attending so we can have enough handouts and food. You have requested these programs - so please mark your calendars and
plan on attending.

NOVEMBER 14,2005 9 AM

          The Lake County Health Department


The Residents of Lakeside Terrace
to the Flu - Shot Clinic 11/14/2005

Flu Shots are free with a valid Medicare Part B card,
$25 without one.
The Pneumonia Vaccine is also free with a valid
Medicare Part B card, $40 without one.

CDC recommends that everyone 65 and over get a flu
shot each year. People 65 and older should get the
pneumonia shot, at least once.

Tetanus is also available at $37, needed every 10 years.

The Date may be changed if there is a delay in vaccine delivery.

The Health Department will provide the staff and vaccine.

A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the clubhouse

For the Month of October, 2005

To our neighbors who were ill or hospitalized recently, we wish for you all better days and healing too, combined with good cheer and strength.

Get Well and Thinking of You cards were sent to

Wilbur Cutler
Gary Beck
Allan Reeves
Vera Brown
Former resident Doris Hall

Sympathy Cards were sent to

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer and family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boom and family
Mrs. Annie Beetz and family

Please notify Michele Lennon at 314 9809 or post names
on the board, of any of our residents who have been ill or have suffered a loss. Your continued help will be greatly appreciated.

Blood Pressure Checks

We invite our new residents and those returning to
Lakeside Terrace

every Tuesday from 9AM - 10 AM
in the Pool Room at the Clubhouse.

"To Our Lakeside Terrace Neighbors,

          Sorry that we missed the cutoff date for the last "Seagull" to say a BIG THANK YOU for the cards, phone calls, food, transportation and other kindness that Bill and I received, when Bill broke his ankle on Aug. 28th.

The E-Mail must have been involved too as there were cards and calls from those not in the park at the present time.

                                                                           Bill & Janet Cutler"

CALENDAR - Starting this month there is a new system for keeping track of park activities and events. Carole Kolbe, Social Club President, has suggested an easier and more accurate method of identifying those things which are of a particular interest to you. She has prepared a complete list (copy attached) of all functions, noting date, time, etc. We have left the calendar days blank so that you may add to them only those things which appeal to you and which you wish to participate in.

The calendar was just becoming over-booked and crowded. This new system should enable you to better arrange your social activities here in the community.

                    Many thanks to Carole - sure makes our job easier!

                                                                               Seagull Staff

          Remember, if you have any contributions for the Seagull, please drop them off into the Blue Box marked "Seagull" in the Clubhouse by the 25th of the month.


The race doesn't always go to the swiftest.
The best hand doesn't always win the pot.
                                   Some of us bluff thru life with a four-card flush.                                                                 Having to play the cards we got.
                                   So if you're holding something less than the best hand,                                                  Don't be sad or dismayed.                                                                                                  Matters little how the cards are dealt.
                                   Success depends on how they're played.